What’s your unique brand?

Yesterday afternoon I was en route to my 12-year-old’s basketball game. As I enjoyed the leisurely drive, I decided to pass the time by tuning in to my favorite gospel radio station, Magic 102.5. When I turned the dial, I heard the familiar voice of the afternoon DJ, K.D. Bo. Although I have enjoyed his show on previous occasions, there was something particularly attention grabbing during that afternoon’s show. K. D. said:

Be faithful to the brand God placed in you – and you too will be successful

His point seemed to highlight a few key things:

  • We each are given something unique from God
  • The gifts and talents we are given have the potential to make a significant impact and contribution
  • If we turn inward, we will discover a pure talent that is available to be tapped into

This was a very timely message for me, as I continue this journey of writing my memoir. At times, during the creative process, it is so easy to wonder “is what I have to say relevant”, “will anyone care”, and “do I have enough of what it takes to be truly be successful”? When the doubts begin to creep up, it can serve as a distraction to getting the task done.

However, K. D Bo’s message was a reminder that because we each have a unique, and valuable contribution to make, that book, that business, that idea can truly only be implemented by YOU… So I will steadfastly continue on my quest to not only complete but to also publish my first book.

What’s very interesting about this is that I am in the midst of a spiritual fast. I decided to give up something desired for 66 days in order to demonstrate my faithfulness in knowing God will answer earnest prayers. You won’t believe what I’m giving up… I decided to abstain from all carnal activities for more than two months. And do you know why I am enduring this major sacrifice? It is to request that God provide me with endurance and completion; the strength, determination, and conviction to finish the work that I began.

So how ironic but fitting that the radio message would provide me the needed encouragement to continue.

I intend to press on until I succeed, knowing that my story can only be told by me – and so what I have to say is unique, divinely gifted, and destined to make me fruitful.

What gifts/talents were you gifted? Will you decide to unearth and tap into the potential within, this year?

The world is awaiting YOUR contribution!

Life According to me,

Dr. Donna

The Difference of a Day: Your American Idol Moment

There is the old adage that states: “What a difference a day makes!” Indeed these words ring true, because so much can happen in the space of 24 hours.

Five days ago, I left my home in Atlanta to travel to New York City. A place that was once home to me is now a place that I enjoy visiting. As a native of the Big Apple, I will always have an affinity for it’s fashion, passion, and grit. However, this particular trip was not purposed to take in the sights. Though I must admit that I did make time to see the 34th street Macy’s window displays, to grab a slice of authentic NY pizza, to eat dinner with close friends from college, and to buy a pretty top at a sample sale in the fashion district. But enough of my digression, this trip’s mission was to determine if I had what it took to be a commercial author. I was scheduled to attend the prestigious Algonkian 2014 New York City Pitch Conference.

A few days prior to the conference, I came across a statement that I jotted down:

“Some moments I wonder if I am being presumptuous attending the pitch conference and if I’m ready… Just going to trust God’s order of things – we shall see what happens when I go in two weeks”

It is quite clear that I was being reflective, and felt confused, unsure, and even fearful. Would I “cut the mustard”, and be deemed as an equal amongst my peers. However, despite any and all reservations, I boarded a plane and traveled the 747 miles from Atlanta to the city of Dreams, to see if I could make it there.

There was much that occurred during the four days of the Pitch. However, the conclusion was that my work was well received by the two editors: one from the second largest independent publishing house and the other from the respected Harper Collins publishing house. I must say that I am still somewhat dumbfounded by the whole thing and the closest that I can come to expressing what I felt is to share my instant reaction. I wanted to run outside and yell in American Idol Fashion “whoo-hoo I’m going to Hollywood”. However, I did not. I maintained the cool and neutral, poker face that I am well known for.

Who knows what happens next? Maybe manuscript gets picked up for a book deal or maybe it doesn’t. No matter the outcome, two messages resonated loudly with me this weekend:

  • I am who I SAY I AM! A small voice inside of me believed with all of its soul that I was a writer. It’s what brought me the conference. Two reputable publishers validated that small voice, this weekend. But this doesn’t just work for me – this works for YOU too! You are who you say you are! Think it, believe it, and then go out and make it happen!
  • You just never know what the new day brings. So cherish each day – be appreciative! But also, fight through discouragement because your breakthrough might just be right around the corner!