What’s going to happen? Believe…

I sat here listening to the contemporary song by Jekalyn Carr, and what caught my attention was the chorus where she repetitively sings: It’s Going to Happen.

I turned that same phrase over and over in my mind… It’s going to happen… It’s going to happen… It’s going to happen.

Some may say that it’s easy for the talented songstress to have such optimism because of her youth. And others may wonder incredulously, how could she sing that a statement with such certainty?

But I challenge you to pause for a moment and consider, how successful, how productive, and how fulfilled you would be if you wholeheartedly believed your dreams, your desires, and your purpose was a certainty!

Just imagine, with me, a life where you were lucky enough to do what feels good to your heart, and right with your soul… Now let’s go one step further…

What if I told you: That life is attainable. That life is possible. And you don’t need luck to have it!

All you have to do – right where you are, in whatever current situation you are, start to speak what positive blessings you want to come into your life. But you can’t just voice these desires as a passing thought. You have to believe it! When you believe in it, it shall come to pass…

Remember it’s going to happen – but will you have the courage and audacity to believe it?

The choice is yours…

What is the ‘it’ that you’re waiting on? Visualize it, as if it were already a reality! And then take baby steps towards manifesting that vision.

Here are three quotes to encourage you on the path of choosing to believe that your IT, is going to happen!

  • “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
  • “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it” – J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan
  • “All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Start to believe in the impossible, that which does not yet exist – for that vision is merely the beginning of wonderful adventures that await YOU!

Life According to Me,

Dr. Donna

Believe it UNTIL you achieve it and receive it

The saying “fake it until you make it” has become quite pertinent to this phase of my life!

I decided to take on a new professional role. Although there is much that I know about my field, there is A LOT that I do not now about this particular position.

Earlier in my career the lack of certainty would probably have driven me nuts. However, I have developed an unshakeable confidence in myself. A self-assurance that allows me to quite comfortably say, “I don’t know the answer to that, but I intend to find out”. Resourcefulness… it is indeed a useful tool – one that is necessary if you are going to have any success and move from faking it to actually making it.

But, I’ve been asked, on countless occasions, “How are you able to be so resourceful?” It would seem that this is the common question because so many people wonder, doubt, and fear striking out and trying a new thing. Often, people allow this type of thinking to keep them stuck, complacent, and stagnant. Not Me!

  • I am a need to know person – I am always in pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It is this desire to grasp new information that propels me forward despite any thoughts of doubt
  • There is also a philosophy that I live by – that I think trumps “fake it until you make it”. That philosophy is “Believe until you receive” or “Believe until you achieve”. Basically the idea is that I won’t stop going after something until I have attained it.

So my openness to new ideas and my steadfast belief in a particular goal, is the formula I am using on my path to success. And I believe my method shall work, for I have seen evidence of its effectiveness. One such example I reflected on recently, are the new births that have recently occurred. Let me explain.

Within the past 12 months, I have had over 10 girlfriends give birth to a newborn. Blessings abound! However, what is particularly miraculous about this is that at least half of them gave birth to their first child, a child that they were greatly anticipating. Each of these women had an idea that they steadfastly believed in and continued to pursue until it manifested.

I believe we can extrapolate this example and apply it to just about any life situation.

What new idea will you birth in 2015? Will you choose to believe it so much that it has no choice but to become a reality for you?

For me personally, my eyes are set on completing and publishing my book, acclimating to my new job, and starting my own family.

What are you set on accomplishing in 2015?

Remember Believe it UNTIL you achieve it and receive it!

Life According to me,

Dr. Donna 🙂

Path to Happiness = Shake IT Off (Taylor Swift style)…

Today I wanted to talk about living a life that is fulfilled and that feels chocked with purpose, promise, and happiness. However, I wanted to discuss these ideas within the content of Taylor Swift’s song, Shake It Off.

Initially, I enjoyed Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off just because of the musicality. As an eternal dancer, I thrive on grooving to an awesome beat! However, for some reason that song dropped into my spirit, this morning. So I Google’d the video and found it on You Tube. As I twisted around to the beat, I stopped for a moment and took a pause. For the first time I listened to the lyrics. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that not only was the beat awesome but there was actual substance to the lines of the song.

In the second verse, Taylor sings:

I never miss a beat,

I’m lightening on my feet,

I’m dancing on my own,

Make the moves up as I go…

I shake it off!

I LOVED that! These words resonated with me because they emphasized resiliency, hope, encouragement, and confidence; all ideas that I focus on.

Let’s look at a few lessons we can learn from what presents on the surface as a lighthearted song.

I never miss a beat – This line made me think about the importance of continual progression. Keep moving, keep striving, and keep going. We all have dreams, but sometimes it’s really easy to lose momentum because we start to doubt, we lose hope, or we become impatient.

I’m lightening on my feet – Think about lightening. It’s a quick flash and burst of energy! The pursuit of anything will require energy, but sometimes we all feel burnout. We’re stressed, overworked, and sometimes questioning our purpose. If you find yourself in that space, you need to get reenergized! What helps you burn stress and feel like your running on all cylinders? For me, it’s dance and Bikram yoga. You should take some time to figure out what helps you feel recharged.

I’m dancing on my own – Happiness is truly an individual pursuit, meaning only you can define what makes your heart sing. So stop trying to keep up with Sally and Tom Jones. Seek to discover what your personal passions are. It may require you to be a trendsetter. Setting trends can feel lonely and a little nerve wracking, because you’re putting yourself out there! However, to do anything less means to cheat your self from living a full life.

Make the moves up as I go – Too often so many of us want a step-by-step delineated plan. However, life is usually unpredictable! So we need to just go with the flow, of life, trusting our instincts and faith in God to help us navigate the twists and turns of life.

Taylor ends the stanza with the words Shake It Off! So although we need to: 1) keep making progress, 2) learn how to recharge, 3) be unafraid to set trends, and 4) be flexible – in all things it’s important to forgive ourselves! If we miss the mark, we make a mistake, we hit a dead end, just remind your self it’s all a part of life! And THEN — Just Shake It OFF!

From Dreaming to Living the Impossible Dream (A Prayer to the Father)

This morning before rolling out of bed, to begin the day, I laid in bed and started speaking to God. My morning ritual typically begins with a word of thanks to God, but this morning the word of thanks included just a little bit more. You see I ran across a tweet by Sandi Krakowski, which stated “Ask God to put you in the right place at the right time with the right people and the right open doors! ASK ASK ASK that is the key friends!” I had no prior knowledge of Sandi Krakowski, but there she was telling me exactly what I needed when I needed it!

So back to this morning…

I thanked God for: 1) health, 2) life, 3) peace, 4) purpose… You see I no longer take any of these things for granted. I wake up each morning feeling that I am on solid footing because I am alive, I am well, I feel whole & happy (ON THE INSIDE) despite my external circumstances, and I know my life’s purpose!

After expressing thankfulness, I decided to take Sandi Krakowski’s advice; advice that I have heard previously while reading books about the Law of Attraction (e.g., Ask And It Is Given)…

So, I asked God for, 1) open doors, where they don’t yet exist, 2) open windows when doors are not there, 3) the ability to fully live out my purpose (i.e., Social Emotional Leader) to a level that even I don’t yet realize, and 4) to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people so that my desires and my purpose can be fully borne out… Now That’s a TALL ORDER!

But, I believe in a God who does the impossible… so why not shoot for the stars! And because I truly believe this – why not take the action steps to make the impossible – possible…

Initially I said to myself: I intend to live the dreams that seem impossible 🙂  After some reflection I reframed that initial thought into: I am living the dreams that seem impossible! Now that’s a kick azz mantra!