About Dr. Donna


I am a licensed psychologist, with over 15 years experience within the field. I enjoy psychology because it provides a framework for reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned along the way. My journey began as an inner-city kid from New York City and slowly morphed into the many responsibilities that I currently juggle as a 40-year-old single woman, divorced stepmother, psychologist, and college professor. Currently, I teach at a local university, work part-time for a local school district, and consult with the mental health agency Watson Behavioral Health. I specialize in helping clients develop emotional resiliency and other coping skills necessary for life. My professional experiences include publishing several peer-reviewed articles and presenting at various national conferences.

I am EXCITED to share that my first children’s book entitled: Pearls and Tools of Wisdom for Parents & Children was released on October 5th, 2015.

I am also working on two additional books: the first a memoir/self-help book on coping with mood disorders, and the second a children’s book on multicultural resiliency.

When not engrossed in psychology or writing, I enjoy dancing, practicing Bikram Yoga, traveling, sampling new restaurants, doing community service activities with my sorority, and spending time with family & friends.

You can find Me:

Book website – www.pearlsandtoolswisdom.com

My Blog – www.donnadoctora.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/drdonnagardner

Twitter – @donnadoctora6

Instagram – Dr. Donna Gardner

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