Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend (Entry 2) – Celebrity Run-ins

This past weekend with Oprah was absolutely AMAZING on so many levels! One fabulous aspect of the weekend was how accessible it was to interact and vibe with well-known faces! It’s one thing to be able to take a picture of a celebrity, but it’s a whole ‘nother level to be able to trade jokes, swap … Continue reading Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend (Entry 2) – Celebrity Run-ins

Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend (Entry 1) – The Tapestry of Life is Interwoven and Cyclical

1st Entry about Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend —
The names Oprah, Gilbert, and Chopra became relevant during a time when I needed to find strength, encouragement, and peace. I then went through various trials that would test my fortitude. After several years, I finally emerged on the other side and decided to write a memoir about that journey and guess who’s names show up in my life, yet again, Oprah, Gilbert, and Chopra…

A Confirmation

Jeremiah 29:11. What are the odds that two separate individuals, one in NY and one in Orlando would both assert that Jeremiah 29:11 was a forecast for my current life? It was the Sunday after attending the Life You Want Weekend with Oprah Winfrey. I was on a spiritual and inspirational “high” after hearing sage … Continue reading A Confirmation