Are you enjoying life?

I have been in a very reflective mood today. It seems that I am divided between two different places, the me I am today (that is based upon past decisions resulting in my present circumstances) and the me I know I shall be in the future (that is based on the decisions I’m making now, even in this very moment).

At times it feels hard to reconcile those two Donnas, the one of yesterday and the one of tomorrow. The Donna of old is familiar but her life was stunted and without purpose. However, the Donna of new is propelled by a clear vision of things to come but she is still unknown. She holds great promise but the future is not yet here. So it leaves me with the unknown… The unknown, don’t we all fear the things we are uncertain about?

It is within these moments of contemplating an ambiguous future that I start to question: “am I enough to make it?” and “do I have what it takes?”

It’s so common to be hesitant about the unknown, but fear can cause us to drift back into old habits, settle for less than we deserve, and give up on desired dreams. And if the reaction to run or turn back is so typical, what will make me any different?

I don’t know.

But I am certain that I made myself a promise to never stop trying, even in moments where things are unclear and my future on shaky ground.

I share this hoping you get the message that you must keep moving forward, for each step (no matter how small) is a sign of progress, which brings you one inch closer to the finish line. Don’t waste today, for it’s your actions today (in this moment) that will provide the open doors of tomorrow (your future).

In the book the Untethered Soul, Author Michael Singer states: “… you have limited time left in your life, and what’s really not reasonable is to not enjoy life.” So what are you willing to do today to start living a life that you enjoy?

For the life you’re living today is setting up the life you shall live in the future…

I am still in contemplative mode – trying to exercise my patience muscle so that I can allow the Donna of the present to catch up with the Donna of my future. Until then I am going to work on enjoying the life I’m living right now.

Life According to Me,

Dr. Donna