Stop the Depression Train… Dealing with the humdrums of life.

Ho Hum… day in, day out… at times it feels like life follows a repetitive and never ending pattern. Similar to a hamster running on a wheel, the routine can feel quite mundane. The monotony and predictability of the daily grind can be so boring. What is one to do about the doldrums of everyday life?

Sometimes the lack of change causes me to get restless, and the restlessness can usher in feelings of discontent, aimlessness, and doubt.

I start to wonder – could it be that I’m always going to spin in circles, without making any true progress?

When am I going to experience my breakthrough?

When is life going to turn around for me?

When will I get to my next level?

As the questions continue to swirl in my mind, and I start to spiral down the dreary, bleak, but familiar path of depression – I suddenly stop in my tracks.

I decide to turn on some music and I opt to hear the song Faithful is our God by Hezekiah Walker. And from amidst the song lyrics, these words stand out and resonate with me:

“I shall recover it all”

And that’s all it took, those 5 simple words to remind me that no matter how long it takes nor how long I wait, I shall receive my breakthrough. I encourage myself that my life has already begun to turn around, and I will get to my next level!

It was from this firm and determined mindset that I remind myself about the power of choice. I exert my power to choose, by adamantly stating – I choose happiness… I say it’s a choice because though I can’t control the events that happen, I always control how I choose to respond to them.

So I choose to focus on my future being one of success. I choose to remain steadfast in my current day-to-day happenings, trusting that each present action contributes to the future I am headed towards.

Former US Secretary of State Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved

So even on a day to like today when I am bored and unmotivated by the humdrumness of it all, I am reminded that I choose the future destiny that is awaiting me.

Life According to Me,

Dr. Donna