I’m tired… Demonstrating mental stamina.

Most days I wear a sunny disposition, however, there are those days where I feel too tired to smile. This morning was one of those mornings. I rolled over and still felt exhausted even though my day had yet to begin! Maybe it was the fitful night of sleep, as I woke up before my alarm had a chance to go off. Or maybe it was the thought of my work to-do list that seems to extend to infinity. Whatever the impetus, I felt tired and depleted. Yet even within my exhaustion I know that I must continue to push ahead with accomplishing the many goals I have set for myself.

In the past people have often inquired how I was able to achieve various goals, such as my doctorate. I believe my success lies in this very moment, in this present time where I am spent and lacking energy. For if I can continue to persevere despite feeling tired, I believe that in the end I shall make it to the other side!

I like to think of this pushing past the tiredness as emotional and mental stamina.

In the world of sports, athletes know that in order to achieve their next great physical feat, they have to push past the sore muscles and joints. This same perspective can be applied to our minds.

We have to condition our mind to push past feelings of I feel like giving up, It would be so much easier to quit, I don’t have the energy, or the ever so common: I don’t feel like it!

The mindset of a winner is to believe that success will require us to go through and get through a struggle!

So for 2015, let’s get our minds right! One month of this brand new year is complete… As the newness of the year begins to wear off, now is the time that you begin to feel tired, spent, and worn out… But just remember that the WIN happens when you keep pressing and moving in the direction of the finish line!

There is a quote by golf legend, Arnold Palmer that says: I never quit trying. I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win

So if you just believe, in your goals and your dreams, with everything you’ve got, then you shall discover fuel, motivation, and stamina to keep you going even on days where you just are tired.

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Just remember you CAN do it! You just have to choose to do so, and then stick with that choice no matter what.

Life According to Me,

Dr. Donna