On the Job Stress! Brought to my knees…

I closed my office door, placed my forehead on the ground, and spread my arms open. I was lying in a prostrate position, before the Lord.

You may wonder what brought me to my knees…

I recently took a position that is highly pressured and predicated on making 1,000,000 + 1 on the spot decisions. I am used to being in a leadership role, but this one takes the cake! I am pulled in many directions, and tasked to do a host of things.

However, in the midst of it all I had a moment where I felt overwhelmed! The tasks appeared too great, the expected turn around time too short, and my patience too thin. It seemed that I would be unable to get through the mountain of tasks facing me…

I could feel the frustration bubbling over, my heart was pounding, my head was spinning, and the tears were on the brink of falling.

And then I decided to just get on my knees and pray. I was only there for a minute or so. But that brief moment provided me with a needed reprieve and it allowed me to step back from the situation. I had given myself the “breathing room” necessary to clear my head, revive my spirits, and get refocused.

What’s the lesson for you?

We may face challenges that appear insurmountable. However, the struggles APPEAR too difficult, but everything is not necessarily the way it seems!

So when your back is against the wall:

  • Acknowledge what you’re feeling – even if the thought is: “I’m in over my head”
  • Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling – Emotions are never bad, as long as we don’t make important decisions based upon them
  • Once you acknowledge and give yourself permission to feel, then – just let it go. Literally breath out and expel the tension into the atmosphere

What these 3 steps will help you do is to step back and clear your mind. Once your mind is clear, you’ll be better equipped to tackle that difficult situation.

If you’re wondering how my day ended… after the breather where I was lying prostrate before God, I got up and felt galvanized. I reminded myself “I was built for this” and “I was made for this”, and then I carried on with my day. And do you know what happened – I was actually quite productive!

Stay encouraged! Believe in yourself and your purpose! Then go and do your thing!

Life According to Me,

Dr. Donna


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