What’s your unique brand?

Yesterday afternoon I was en route to my 12-year-old’s basketball game. As I enjoyed the leisurely drive, I decided to pass the time by tuning in to my favorite gospel radio station, Magic 102.5. When I turned the dial, I heard the familiar voice of the afternoon DJ, K.D. Bo. Although I have enjoyed his show on previous occasions, there was something particularly attention grabbing during that afternoon’s show. K. D. said:

Be faithful to the brand God placed in you – and you too will be successful

His point seemed to highlight a few key things:

  • We each are given something unique from God
  • The gifts and talents we are given have the potential to make a significant impact and contribution
  • If we turn inward, we will discover a pure talent that is available to be tapped into

This was a very timely message for me, as I continue this journey of writing my memoir. At times, during the creative process, it is so easy to wonder “is what I have to say relevant”, “will anyone care”, and “do I have enough of what it takes to be truly be successful”? When the doubts begin to creep up, it can serve as a distraction to getting the task done.

However, K. D Bo’s message was a reminder that because we each have a unique, and valuable contribution to make, that book, that business, that idea can truly only be implemented by YOU… So I will steadfastly continue on my quest to not only complete but to also publish my first book.

What’s very interesting about this is that I am in the midst of a spiritual fast. I decided to give up something desired for 66 days in order to demonstrate my faithfulness in knowing God will answer earnest prayers. You won’t believe what I’m giving up… I decided to abstain from all carnal activities for more than two months. And do you know why I am enduring this major sacrifice? It is to request that God provide me with endurance and completion; the strength, determination, and conviction to finish the work that I began.

So how ironic but fitting that the radio message would provide me the needed encouragement to continue.

I intend to press on until I succeed, knowing that my story can only be told by me – and so what I have to say is unique, divinely gifted, and destined to make me fruitful.

What gifts/talents were you gifted? Will you decide to unearth and tap into the potential within, this year?

The world is awaiting YOUR contribution!

Life According to me,

Dr. Donna


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