Abracadabra: The Magic of Happiness

I was feeling a bit melancholy last night… not sad, not crying, but a slight level of discontent. At first I wasn’t able to identify the source. Nothing bad had happened, there seemed to be no reason that I should be feeling a bit out of sorts. And then I thought about a passage I ran across in the Sunday morning church service. The pastor had directed the congregation to the chapter of Luke. As I flipped the pages, I randomly stopped at a daily devotional, contained within my bible. The passage was entitled: Loneliness. I glanced at the reading, but then turned my attention back to the task at hand: the book of Luke.

The rest of the day followed a typical Sunday routine, church ended, and I took the 12 year old to his second home (the basketball court). While he ran around dribbling a ball, I furiously typed away on my laptop, diligently working on my book. After some time, we left the gym and went home. The 12 year old decided to play some video games and I opted to work on a few reports for work. After two hours of report writing I felt tired, drained, and cranky. I could feel the contours of my face turned downward into a mask of misery. “What’s the big deal Donna, it was an evening of work”, I queried of myself. I couldn’t figure it out, what was wrong.

Before calling it a night, I decided to run out and grab a few needed odds and ends from the grocery store. As I walked the aisles, it suddenly hit me – I was lonely. The evening of working had drained me because I was lonely. I wasn’t sure what to do about the waves of loneliness moving with me, so I did the only thing I could think of – I joined a group of family and friends on a prayer call. And after the call was complete, I began singing aloud a favorite contemporary gospel song. Before I knew it I was smiling. For no visible reason, because nothing in particular had changed, I was feeling better.

It seemed that right before my own eyes – I had performed a magic trick. Abracadabra I could make the sadness disappear. I sat a bit astounded for a moment, as I had impressed myself. Somewhere along the course of life, I had learned the art of turning around my own emotions. How powerful!

So what’s behind the trick, you may ask?

  • Smile MORE (no matter how you feel)! – There is research to support the notion that the act of smiling (moving of the facial muscles) can assist with elevating your mood. You can read more about this here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120730150113.htm
  • Your spiritual connection to God is something that is readily available to you. The power of God that lives within you – is always there, so you’re never alone. Any time you start to feel a wee bit lonely, just remind yourself of this fact.
  • It’s okay to acknowledge your own feelings. When you allow yourself to experience them and name them that frees you up to let them go.

I wish you each a wonderful new season in 2015, and if at any moment you start to feel sad and/or lonely – just ask yourself “do I believe in magic?” and then perform the magic trick I shared with you 🙂


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