Life Purpose: Tips from Besties Oprah & Gayle King

Recently, business had me needing to increase my airplane travels. During one of those flights, I decided to peruse the newspaper that my mother gave me earlier that day. As I glanced through the issue, I came across an article about Gayle King. The interview focused on her discussing her professional career. Although the entire conversation was interesting, what grabbed my attention most was her statement that “we all have to figure out what works best for us”. Ms. Gayle offered that comment when describing that in order to find happiness in life, we each needed to define that for ourselves. This one single line resonated with me because earlier that morning, prior to heading into the airport, I had taken an online quiz provided from the Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend resource library.

I have previously blogged about the Oprah Weekend, you can read about it here:

Now, back to the online quiz that I took. The results of the quiz suggested that I scored highly in the areas of Self-control, Life purpose, and Self-awareness. I was able to rate well in these areas because at this stage of life, I am living with a very clear purpose. I must admit that it feels absolutely awesome that I rated my life purpose so highly and that I wake up each day invigorated because my life has meaning. I guess this is the fruit that comes from loving what you do!

But, isn’t it ironic that besties Oprah and Gayle King are so in-sync that within the same 24 hours – I was taking a quiz about my life’s purpose from one and reading an article about defining life from the other. I don’t believe in mere coincidence/happenstance, so I thought it was pretty cool that these two seemingly isolated events occurred on the same day!

And what was even more mind blowing was the fact that this was all taking place on the tail end of my participation in the NYC Pitch Conference.

I have previously blogged about the NYC Pitch Conference, you can read about it here:

There I was completing a conference that validated the notion of me “the writer”, and then I received indirect confirmation from Oprah and Gayle that life is indeed about how we define it for ourselves!

In January 2014, I created a vision board and saved it as my laptop screen saver. Within that vision board, one image simply states “social-emotional leader”. Slowly, but surely I am working my way towards manifesting that statement. I feel blessed that I have discovered my life purpose and I am working within it!

It is what I wish for each of you – to be given the vision of why you are here on Earth… to discover what is your bigger mission… to figure out what you can do to leave this place, our world, a little bit better than you found it. Go OUT and define your purpose!