Strange Conversations… Words of Encouragement.

I sit here with tears streaming down my face…

Have you ever been touched by the kindness of a stranger?

Below is an email conversation that I was having with a stranger. I was so touched by his kindness I had to blog about it…

  • Stranger: It’s God’s will in control .xo
  • Me: Yes. God has the ultimate plan. I desire to be a mom, and God promised me at least 1 biological child – so I’m holding him to that promise.
  • Stranger: You’re a warm and friendly woman. Absolutely beautiful too. I will pray for God to show favor. Love them babies. You go girl! God bless!
  • Me: You’re going to make me cry! Amen, I receive that blessing and confirmation! We serve a mighty and awesome God 🙂 I thank you for your kindness. I wish you love and happiness 🙂
  • Stranger: Oh don’t cry sweetheart. If you’re alone don’t be afraid because God certainly has a plan for you. We are to find joy in our suffering. A sure thing He knows what you want. He is by your side alive in you now.
  • Stranger: His will, surely will – bring a beautiful baby into your life and that special man too. Xo.
  • Stranger: With the love I feel from your heart, you’re going to be an amazing mother. I’m praying for you. I won’t stop. God bless you. As for that lucky man somewhere out there, he will realize that he hit lotto with you. Lol

So what was so amazing about this above conversation??? Because, here was a stranger willing to intercede upon my behalf, and why, because he believes in the power of God! I think that’s awesome!

Especially, because recently I have been worrying about the blessings I am waiting on God for! And in the midst of my doubts and wondering, God sends a messenger to remind me that God is ALWAYS in control of all things, has not forgotten me, and intends to make good on all of the things I am still waiting for…

This conversation moved me to listen to Andrae Crouch’s contemporary gospel song “Let the Church Say Amen”. Here are a few lyrics from the song:

When we receive a word from the Lord, our answer should be Amen!

Verse 1: Make this your response, Amen – No matter how you’re feeling (Amen) or how your world is reeling (Amen). Battle on through the night (Amen), because you’re going to win the fight (Amen).

  • Even in the valley (Amen), or standing at your Red Sea (Amen) – continue to say (Amen), because your help is on the way! 
  • All we needed was a word from the Lord, and we got it! (Amen)

Verse 2: When your dreams about to die (Amen), Knowing that God’s not a man (Amen), he just can’t lie (Amen)

  • In spite of what (Amen), what the devil does (Amen), Know you got a word (Amen); that comes from above (Amen)
  • Faith must be (Amen), must be what you say (Amen), so open your mouth (Amen), say Amen today!

I pray that you find encouragement, in whatever you are struggling with and through. Remember that God hears you, sees you, and loves you! In the complete plan, you are blessed and shown favor – you just have to hold on to that promise and keep doing your part!

Go out and be a blessing to someone! You just never know how you might touch them! They may be waiting on that message, as I was. Good thing my stranger decided to share the message God had given him, as it was intended just for me!