Desperation: when all hope seems lost – Do the Impossible

Have you ever faced a moment when all hope seems lost, gone, and dashed? When the weight of your burden seems to get heavier and you start to see any and all solutions as impossible?

I’ve had moments like that – where the desires of my heart seem so far off from the reality of what currently is…

You see – one day I started contemplating that I’m almost 40 and still haven’t met my soul mate, which gets further complicated because I desire to have at least one biological child. Yes to many my situation would seem bleak – and to be honest on that day, in that moment I started to think so too!

I started thinking there are so many other single women that desire to meet their soul mate and desire to have children, so why should my fate be any different than theirs? As the dark clouds of despair started to encroach on me, I could feel the misery starting to set in… I started to resign myself to accepting a future that is missing the husband and baby.

Because there was NO WAY any of what I wanted could happen within such a short space of time. It just didn’t seem humanly possible. And that’s why the realization came, this issue wouldn’t and couldn’t be fixed by man, I would need divine intervention.

Then another thought popped into my head – as if it fell from heaven, I had a desire to hear an inspirational song. Because, music helps to refuel my soul when I am feeling down and out. The song that dropped into my spirit and my heart is Fred Hammond’s “They That Wait”. It is a contemporary gospel song based upon the biblical verse of Isaiah 40:31, which states:

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they should mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint (King James Version).

I so needed this reminder because when you are going after the desires of your heart, you can become very weary when those desires do not manifest right away.

In the end the reality was still that I was nearing 40, single, and waiting to bear a child. However, that was the outward current reality. The encouragement of the song reminded me to not fixate on what is and instead focus and move towards what will be.

So the lesson learned in all of this:

  • The impossible is possible – but not when you are so focused on your current situation that it keeps you stuck there
  • The impossible is possible – when you turn to a higher source, God, to keep you energized, motivated, and positive; so that attaining your dreams remains possible
  • The impossible is possible – when you stop comparing your life path to others, and focus instead on making your life the way you envision it

4 thoughts on “Desperation: when all hope seems lost – Do the Impossible

  1. Niki Robinson says:

    Greetings Doc!
    When reading your post regarding doing the impossible I couldn’t help but to smile as that Fred Hammond song has gotten me through many discouraging moments as well. Believing and having great faith causes those despairing thoughts to pale in comparison to what I know my God can do!!
    I will most certainly add your words of wisdom to my daily affirmations, while allowing my high pitched off key notes of “They That Wait” to keep the melody of God following through my soul…day by day…resting in the knowledge that He and only He can make the impossible possible!!
    Thanks for your words Doc!!


    • docdonna6 says:

      Hello Niki, thank you for visiting the blog! I chuckled and smiled at the visual of you singing “they that wait” off-key. LOL. I can relate because singing was not the blessing God anointed me with… Oh how I wish! LOL. You keep pressing on! As I will too. Happy new year.


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