The Difference of a Day: Your American Idol Moment

There is the old adage that states: “What a difference a day makes!” Indeed these words ring true, because so much can happen in the space of 24 hours.

Five days ago, I left my home in Atlanta to travel to New York City. A place that was once home to me is now a place that I enjoy visiting. As a native of the Big Apple, I will always have an affinity for it’s fashion, passion, and grit. However, this particular trip was not purposed to take in the sights. Though I must admit that I did make time to see the 34th street Macy’s window displays, to grab a slice of authentic NY pizza, to eat dinner with close friends from college, and to buy a pretty top at a sample sale in the fashion district. But enough of my digression, this trip’s mission was to determine if I had what it took to be a commercial author. I was scheduled to attend the prestigious Algonkian 2014 New York City Pitch Conference.

A few days prior to the conference, I came across a statement that I jotted down:

“Some moments I wonder if I am being presumptuous attending the pitch conference and if I’m ready… Just going to trust God’s order of things – we shall see what happens when I go in two weeks”

It is quite clear that I was being reflective, and felt confused, unsure, and even fearful. Would I “cut the mustard”, and be deemed as an equal amongst my peers. However, despite any and all reservations, I boarded a plane and traveled the 747 miles from Atlanta to the city of Dreams, to see if I could make it there.

There was much that occurred during the four days of the Pitch. However, the conclusion was that my work was well received by the two editors: one from the second largest independent publishing house and the other from the respected Harper Collins publishing house. I must say that I am still somewhat dumbfounded by the whole thing and the closest that I can come to expressing what I felt is to share my instant reaction. I wanted to run outside and yell in American Idol Fashion “whoo-hoo I’m going to Hollywood”. However, I did not. I maintained the cool and neutral, poker face that I am well known for.

Who knows what happens next? Maybe manuscript gets picked up for a book deal or maybe it doesn’t. No matter the outcome, two messages resonated loudly with me this weekend:

  • I am who I SAY I AM! A small voice inside of me believed with all of its soul that I was a writer. It’s what brought me the conference. Two reputable publishers validated that small voice, this weekend. But this doesn’t just work for me – this works for YOU too! You are who you say you are! Think it, believe it, and then go out and make it happen!
  • You just never know what the new day brings. So cherish each day – be appreciative! But also, fight through discouragement because your breakthrough might just be right around the corner!