Life Isn’t Fair! Learning to battle inner fears & doubts…

Have you ever been obedient and felt that God was still somehow punishing you? Or let me phrase it another way – have you ever felt like you’re doing all of the right things, yet life doesn’t seem to play fair?

I bet you have had moments where it seems no matter how you play this game called life – other people were dealt a better hand!

I wanted to share with you, that even the moments of upset, discord, and setback are useful to God. How can that be, you wonder? In Romans 8:28, the bible states that “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”. This verse in Romans helps us to understand that even when we think we’re taking “two steps backwards”, God will use that deterrence or rejection to elevate us, for his glory.

I recently experienced a situation where I was granted a wonderful blessing and then it was taken away. God had given me the vision that I was to become a dance minister, and I was hesitant but eventually excited to be “called” (i.e., chosen). However, a few months later I was to learn that I would need to choose between going through the dance ministry program and going through the author school to publish my books. I was astounded!

If God had called me, how could I be placed in this position of having to choose? And, if I was moving in God’s purpose, why was I being delayed? You see – it didn’t make sense to me that this is what God intended – for me to have to choose between writing and dance, yet there I was and a decision had to be made. I was perplexed, unsure of the path to take. When I took an honest stock of my feelings, I realized at the heart of it was a fear and a doubt. Am I good enough to put my dancing on hold in order to pursue this journey of getting my books published?

When I did that honest assessment of my hesitancy, and realized that fear was at the root – I then challenged myself to remember that God gave me the vision, so God will send the provision! And maybe, just maybe, he moved dance aside so that there would be enough room for Donna, the writer.

So my message to you:

  • Remember that all things, even the disappointments, hurts, and tears are useful material for developing you into the you that is necessary for the future
  • Often times fear is the main culprit that robs us of chasing our wildest dreams
  • Believe that you are good enough and amazing enough to bring about all the visions that God has planted deep within your heart
  • Now go out and do something amazing to live out your God given purpose