Is it truly a Wonderful Life? Learning to Live…

I was going through a rough patch. Life seemed to not be working in my favor. However, during one of my moments of despair, I was told: “your life is wonderful. You have a better life than most”. I was perplexed. What did the speaker see that I couldn’t see? How did we both look at my life and come to vastly different conclusions. You see, he saw potential where I saw a dead-end, and he saw hope where I saw despair. We were both looking at the same Donna, yet it was through very different lenses. Although his comment did not lessen the blows that life had dealt me, it did cause me to reflect a bit.

A few things came to mind: I recalled my mother reminding us, as children, that: “things can always be worse” and my grandmother saying: “you never miss your water till your well runs dry”. So what did these two colloquialisms have in common? They both pointed to the idea of appreciation and taking things for granted.

After pondering for a bit, I realized that it’s so easy to become engrossed in the missteps of life, that we forget all the things that go well. We take for granted that the sun rises every morning. We tend to overlook that our heart remembers to beat and that our lungs choose to take in new oxygen. However, the moment that any of these daily occurrences were to stop, we would crave for the time and chance back to appreciate them. So I have decided to start living more consciously.

In the book, the Untethered Soul, author Michael Singer suggests that conscious living is possible when we have a healthy appreciation of death. He argues that the idea of death helps to remind us to live life. That if we lived life knowing that death is evitable – we’d likely use the time to truly live.

So the lessons that I shall keep in mind:

  • I can appreciate what I have now – I don’t have to wait for it to be taken away in order for me to begin appreciating it
  • There is always something to appreciate about every day, second, or moment of life
  • I should cherish each second as if it were my last, because then I would be focused on living my best life possible
  • I don’t need to wait to get to a certain circumstance, event, or situation – my life begins the moment I start living it!

I have decided to live consciously, will you? Will you make a decision, now, to start living your life and stop waiting to live your life? What will you do, even in a small way, to start making your every day existence – count?