We all struggle… Facing the “down” moments of life…

Life has so many twists and turns. Therefore, the best that you can do is to expect that the unexpected will happen.

Recently, I was in the process of moving. In the midst of the move, I knew I would need to fly out for a speaking engagement. Prior to departing for my conference, I felt pretty confident that I had secured my new home. I boarded my plane and attended my 2-day conference. It was an amazing experience and the icing on the cake was that I did my first, ever, radio interview. I was floating on a cloud, feeling invincible and untouchable. However, when I returned home I was quickly faced with a cold dose of reality.

The deal fell through and I had 7 days to find a new place, as my current lease was ending and I was scheduled to be out of town for another conference. Talk about pressure! In those first few moments after realizing the calamity I was facing, I tried to play out the worse case scenarios… Not having a home became a very scary possibility. I started to bemoan how does one go from being on top of the world to crashing and burning in ashes, in the space of a few hours! I could feel the walls start to close in, as the feelings of defeat started to overwhelm me. I cried out “God YOU HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!”

Then I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that ups and downs are just a part of life. I also reflected on all of the various struggles that have come before and figured if they could pass, this one would as well.

During my dark moment, I decided to listen to Blessed & Highly Favored by the Clarke sisters. Here is the first verse from their song:

He brought me through hard trials. He brought me through tribulations.

Never let a day go by and not realize, had it not been for the Lord who was on my side.

Back was against the wall, looked out for me. He heard my cry and rescued me.

Never let a day go by and not realize, we are blessed

Don’t take it for granted that we are here today. 

Just know that you’re blessed and highly favored 

Thinking from this perspective helped me to calm down and then I could feel a wave of peace wash over me. God was going to take care of it; that one thought helped to deflate the worry that was swelling within. And, once I decided to stop worrying, I felt freed up to actually do something proactive about the situation.

So there are a couple of lessons that came from this experience:

  • Life is going to happen, that includes the good and the-not-so-good. Be ready to roll with the punches. “Take the bitter with the sweet” without personalizing the bitter. Life isn’t against you, just chalk it up to life is about the (whole) experience.
  • No matter where you are – look around and find the blessings, the things going well, as this will chase away the feelings of despair and lift your mood
  • Don’t be afraid to call out to God – the bible says ask and you shall receive and you have not because you ask not.