Use What YOU Got! Life Lessons…

Several years ago, God gave me the vision (idea) that I would author books and further my passion for dance. I didn’t realize it then, but my quest to manifest these visions would take me on a very interesting journey! I wish I could say that it has been easy trying to accomplish these goals, however, it has not been. There have been many days of questioning, self-doubt, and frustration! Yet, despite the many struggles along the way, one message has always remained crystal clear… to not use my God given talents would be a waste! Not only would it be a waste, but it also would mean keeping myself stagnant and not fulfilling my true potential.

This idea that you have to USE WHAT YOU GOT (nope that’s not grammatically correct!), is even reflected in the bible! The passage that discusses this is called the Parable of the Talents.

Recently, I have given some thought to the Parable about the Talents. If you are not already familiar with this spiritual story, let me provide a brief description. The Parable of the Talents describes three servants who were each given weights (money) based upon their abilities. The first servant took his weight and doubled it. Similarly, the second servant took his weight and double it. However, the third servant who was given the least amount of weight, decided to not only hold on to it but he buried it in the ground! I should tell you that the third servant thought he was doing a good thing because he was keeping the weight buried – safe and sound. However, in the end we learn that the first two servants are praised for their sound judgment. The last servant is admonished for his foolish thinking.

So what’s the moral of the story? What can we glean from this well-known parable?

There are a few points that I wanted to share:

  • God gives us what he knows we can handle. So if you want God to increase what you have, do something with it! Don’t hoard in fear of having less. Success requires risk (wise, calculated risk – but a risk nonetheless!) You won’t get to the next level by doing, thinking, and being the same – you have to step out in faith and try something new!
  • Each of us has multiple abilities, skills, and gifts. Our skill-set was given to us with the intention that we’d use it and share it to make this world a better place! If we don’t share those gifts, they go wasted – as if buried in the ground.
  • When it appears that “others” seem to have more than you do, remember that we ‘reap what we sow’. So if you want MORE – you have to DO MORE! Start with what you already have and build from there…
  • Even if we start this game called life in different places (1st place vs. last place), if we use our faith in God, our faith in ourselves, and the resources we have – our potential is LIMITLESS!