Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend (Entry 1) – The Tapestry of Life is Interwoven and Cyclical

I arose this morning reflecting on this past weekend. I had attended Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend…

I will post several entries about the weekend, but I wanted this to be the first one and to begin the entry with this:

Our lives are interwoven and cyclical in nature…

I say this because, once we choose to become aware – we can see how each step, each experience, each decision impacts and relates to every other step, experience, and decision we take! I’ve always believed this notion, but let me share my recent confirmation of this belief…

In 2005, I was going through a mini existential crisis! Feeling somewhat adrift and unsure of who I was and where my life was headed. I recall reading a book (title & author escapes my memory) that suggested the reader should identify a person (hero) to serve as a visual cue of how they want to see themselves. In that space and time, strength was what I needed most. I started pondering about females who I consider strong and the name that came to mind was Oprah Winfrey. Now I should let you know that at that time I had never watched an episode of Oprah, never picked up her magazine, never even heard an interview. My only exposure to Oprah came from her role in the Color Purple (which was Phenomenal!) and watching a Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous television episode that reported “Oprah’s empire makes money while she sleeps”! That seemed like a good enough reason for her to serve as my archetype of strength. And, I didn’t (consciously) know it at the time but life was going to take a turn – requiring me to be strong indeed!

In July 2008, I would spend that summer month reading a book that would shift my entire perspective about life, love, and ME. Eat, Pray, Love was gifted to me by a student, as an end of the school year gift. Although it was given to me in May, I would not actually read the book until the month of July. I spent everyday of that month, slowly – savoring each page of that book. It seemed to be a balm for the emotional and spiritual burns that my soul had endured. I was so inspired by this book that I decided to do my own weekend monastery retreat (in upstate NY – October 2008) and I began enjoying yoga and meditation (which I still continue now, 6 years later, in the form of Bikram Yoga).

In August 2008, at the time I was dating a man that was an avid golfer. He decided to attend that year’s Black Enterprise’s Annual golf tournament. He wanted me to travel with him, but I was not interested in the game of golf; thus the golf package it was for him and the spa package it was for me 🙂  The interesting thing to note is that typically the tournament is held in Florida, but this year (our first and only year there – the tournament was held in Carlsbad California). The host hotel for the tournament was the La Costa Resort and Spa, which coincidentally also houses the Chopra Center. The name Chopra did not resonate with me, but in that space and time I was open to the idea of relaxation and meditation and thus thoroughly enjoyed my stay there! I also learned a lot to further my understanding about the need to be “still” in order to find relief.

Since 2008, many – MANY changes have occurred and even more lessons have been learned! Hence, my desire to write my memoir, entitled Shedding Perfection: A Psychologist’s Journey to Self-healing.

However, what makes this all come full circle is the fact that in 2005 Oprah became relevant to me, in July 2008 Elizabeth Gilbert (in the form of Eat, Pray, Love) became relevant to me, and in August 2008 the name Chopra became relevant to me…

Fast forward to April 2014, my younger sister calls to inform me that she is planning to buy us tickets to see Oprah in September. My first thought was “can you afford that?”, after which she replied “God is going to make a way” – I immediately knew then we were going. But what was even more amazing than that – was when my younger sister calls me a few days later to say that Oprah is bringing others to speak with her… and guess what their names are – Elizabeth Gilbert and Deepak Chopra.

What are the odds? Coincidence? Maybe… but I don’t believe in coincidences…

I take this as a confirmation that my life has indeed come full circle…

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra

Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra

Elizabeth Gilbert signing my 2008 copy of Eat, Pray, Love :-)

Elizabeth Gilbert – Friday evening

Elizabeth Girlbert

Elizabeth Girlbert signing my 2008 copy of Eat, Pray, Love – Friday evening

Elizabeth Gilbert - Saturday

Elizabeth Gilbert – Saturday

The names Oprah, Gilbert, and Chopra became relevant during a time when I needed to find strength, encouragement, and peace. Over the past 6 years, I went through various trials that would test my fortitude. Now, I have finally emerged on the other side and decided to write a memoir about that journey and guess whose names show up in my life, yet again, Oprah, Gilbert, and Chopra…

I think God is awesome… Don’t you?


7 thoughts on “Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend (Entry 1) – The Tapestry of Life is Interwoven and Cyclical

    • docdonna6 says:

      Yes! Indeed!!! I have been on quite a journey and I’m finally ready to tell the story 🙂 I am excited to see God’s next stage because you and I both know that when God shows up – he shows OUT!


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