A $1 out of 15 cents

Today I did a lot of reflecting about money, finances, and budgeting. In most recent years I have gone through an economic upheaval. I’ve had to adjust from eating out all of the time to making and preparing meals at home. Sometimes I am amazed when I consider the manner in which I used to spend money so freely and cavalierly! 

Having to budget and make money stretch had me reflecting on an old children’s folk song that I recall singing, while playing those hand clapping games that kids are notorious for! The words of the song are: 

Chi-Chi bam bam
Sitting on a fence
Trying to make a dollar
Out a fifteen cents
She twist
She twist
She twist like this.

That song resonated with me today, of all days, because as I sat down to do my budget I felt as if I were trying to make a dollar out of fifteen centsWhew… 

Although counting coins has been tough, it has also helped me to grow in many ways… Here are three things that came as result of me having to become more money conscious: 

1) I am more appreciative of the things I have – because I no longer take for granted that anything is a “given/guarantee” and I realize now that nothing is promised. So food on the table, a roof over my head, clothes on back, shoes on my feet, gas in the car, lights on in the house… and I could keep this list going. The point being that I am no longer indifferent to the simple blessings that I am surrounded by each day!

2) I am more conscientious about how I treat money – because I now realize that one’s attitude about money is important. Just as our attitude about other areas of life matters, so too does our outlook about money. I’ve long shed my former viewpoint that all money earned is money to be spent. I no longer espouse to the belief that money should be “easy come, easy go”. Instead, now I seek ways to pay myself (i.e., invest and make my money work for me).

And last but not least… 

3) I truly know now that nothing material will never bring happiness. So I don’t need things to try to fill emotional and/or spiritual voids. No need for shopping sprees to “feel better”! Though I still like nice things, I no longer need them. 

So today was a penny pinching day – but I intend to hold on to to my new money consciousness, even when the day comes that my money is flowing more freely. 



New Beginnings

Have you ever sat on the fringes of a breakthrough? In nervous anticipation of the next step that was on the horizon… Well that is where I am… right now, in this very moment. Looking ahead at a transformation that is sure to come… There is so much in the works, that I’m not even sure where to begin.

1) my memoir that is in progress

2) a budding new relationship

3) a newly born private practice

4) my improved physical health and physique

5) my head full of hair (this was not always the case!)

6) several new part-time contracting opportunities

No matter which aspect of my life that I focus on right now – I see new growth EVERYWHERE! It’s amazing, because I once obsessed over the fact that I desired to be a biological mother, by now… However, though I have not yet had a child, new life is cropping up all around me and that feels wonderful. New life in my career, New life in my relationships, and even New life on my head!

“So I decided to take a moment to appreciate the new life that is taking place all around me. To acknowledge the newness that stands before me. And to be thankful for new beginnings” Dr. Donna

 Although newness is refreshing and desired, it can also be scary because there is so much uncertainty. I believe the fear of the unknown is what keeps so many of us stuck. We are afraid to do a new thing. So we allow the familiar to bring us comfort, even when that familiarity means living a life that is lacking, wanting, and limited.

I finally arrived to a place in my life, where I decided to no longer allow fear to be the determining factor. I have made peace with the unfamiliar, trusting that with it comes the beauty of chance, potential, and newfound possibilities.

So you may wonder what has helped me to gain the courage to step out – to open myself up to new things… There have been many steps I’ve taken over the last few years to arrive at this place. However, the 3 most important things that I did, I will describe using the acronym NEW:

N Never give up – never quit. Being persistent and steadfast was indeed a very crucial part of helping me to shed all of the old dead weight so that I could move into this new phase of life. Never accept never… In other words, even when you hear a no – keep going until you get a yes!

E Energize – finding things to renew my energy and my strength was a pivotal piece. My hobbies, my talents, and my faith in God each have helped to restore me when my energy was depleted.

W Wish and Wait without Worry – This last one was the hardest of them all for me… Getting to a place where I continued to wish (have hope) and wait (have patience) for the things I desired without feeling angst and worry that things had not happened yet, was indeed Tough! However, I have learned that finding that place of peace within is an important step in getting one’s heart’s desires.

So I sit here typing my first blog post and reflecting at all of the other new beginnings in my life. It feels great to be at the starting point of this new phase in my life journey.